The Secure Advantage

Secure Healthcare Services offers a cafeteria of services such as billing services, credentialing, education, consulting services and more.

The Secure Advantage

You get to choose what services you need for your practice! Secure Healthcare Services offers a cafeteria of services such as medical revenue cycle management, medical billing services, healthcare credentialing, medical coding services, education and training, consulting services and more. If you need practice management and electronic health record software, we can provide that to you. If you like your current software system, you do not have to change your medical computer software systems. It is important to remember that it is not simply just about piecing together a system that does billing and reporting but rather about having the people that and knowledge that know how to use and coordinate multiple tools across a broad spectrum. We will utilize your software and can help to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your billing software. We are here to help you!

Our team has over 125 years of collective experience in healthcare. We have been providing comprehensive revenue cycle management services to many single and multi-provider practices, specialty groups and institutions. We work with physicians, hospitals and vendors to incorporate optimal solutions and thereby reduce costs, create new revenue streams and ultimately increase profit margins. Because no two institutions are alike, our services are tailored to meet our specific clients’ requirements. We offer a diverse medical billing services portfolio that is adaptable to any size institution or type of specialty.

Our billing statement is to obtain accurate, complete, and timely payments from all payers and patients for our clients using technology, proven billing methodologies, effective and efficient control systems and highly trained staff while adhering to the highest moral, ethical, legal and practical business standards in our industry.

We measure the results that we achieve for each of our clients. Our process allow us to spend more time and energy on your business so that we can achieve the highest revenue possible for you. We provide excellent customer service and respond to issues and inquires in a timely manner. You get the efficiency of a team dedicated exclusively to medical billing. The Secure team will be trained on your policies, procedures and workflow. We will create and implement reports and educational material for you. Our services and systems are designed to get you paid faster, reduce rejections, track claim efficiently and relentlessly follow up on unpaid or misadjudicated claims. Secure will make it even easier for you to focus on practicing medicine without worrying about the business side of medicine. We only get paid when you get paid. We offer competitive pricing!

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